Youth Cycling

NCA 6-Day Championship Cycling will help create awareness, raise funds and produce activity for youth cycling development programs in the Home Depot Center Velodrome and New York and Las Vegas areas.

New York Youth Development Cycling Programs
NCA Championship Cycling management will help develop and support a Bronx, NYC based corporate sponsored, sustainable, developmental foundation program to be implemented on a year round basis for New York City Youth.

The program will focus on creating a healthy lifestyle – through fighting obesity – education and character building using the versatile international sport of cycling.

Having a state of the art indoor cycling center will help existing cycling programs in the city reach their goals and expand. The NCA is working to get existing programs to use the armory to maximize their goals.
Currently discussions have taken place with exemplary programs, Star Track, I Challenge Myself and Bike the Bronx.

Programs will be geared to all levels of participation.

Unlike other sports, cycling can work on a non-competitive participatory level. It is also easier for out of shape youth to begin a cycling program than for example a running program.

The Cadence youth cycling program headed by Ryan Oelkers has had great success in transforming youth with obesity issue into real athletes. This Bicycling Magazine story recounts Ryan’s success. Ryan is working with the NCA to further develop youth cycling programs.

The New York 6-Day Championship Cycling event combined with the NYC youth cycling program will also be used as a test experience for Bronx Borough and NYC officials to consider converting the Kingsbridge Armory into a fulltime velodrome cycling center in much the same manner as was successfully done 168th Street Armory in Manhattan that was converted into the Armory Track and Field center.

NCA Championship Cycling management believes a Kingsbridge Armory Velodrome project would prove to be a hot bed activity generator to improve the quality life for NYC youth with a focus on health, cycling and education.

Home Depot Center Velodrome, Connie Cycling Youth Program
Founded by five time Olympic track cyclist Connie Paraskevin and now in it’s seventh year of operations, the Connie Cycling program is designed to introduce youth ages 7-18 to competitive cycling. Besides the on-bike skills, coaches integrate off-bike exercises, activities, and games, to enrich the program and help athletes learn sports and life skills. Olympian values of excellence, friendship, and respect are made meaningful through activities within the program.

During the Hollywood 6-Day event a special competition called the “Mini-6” will be held to showcase young rider talent. Additionally, information about the Connie Cycling will be distributed throughout the Holllywood 6-Day event.

Similarly, A permanent velodrome cycling center is a future goal for the Las Vegas Area.

The youth programs established by Jack Simes at the Trexlertown Velodrome in the 1970’s are a good model. At the time that the velodrome was built, there was no cycling tradition in the Lehigh Valley. Since the establishment of the velodrome and the youth development program, the valley has become the “hotbed” of cycling in the U.S. Thousands of kids have benefited from the training and many have achieved in the sport. Kids from the program have won many National Championships at the junior and elite levels. Some have gone on to win World Championship honors and win Olympic medals, including the gold.