Goals and Objectives

Full house for a 6 Day at Madison Square Graden in 1934

Full house for a 6 Day at Madison Square Graden in 1934

The National Cycling Association (NCA) was established to develop the sport of track cycling on a professional, amateur and recreational basis. To accomplish this the NCA is establishing and working with others to establish professional 6 Day racing in North America, building and managing the development of velodromes and developing youth cycling programs.

On the professional level it is felt that track cycling can be a viable economic enterprise that provides exciting entertaining races while giving opportunity to reach their athletic potential. The NCA is working to hold major events in 2013 in several cities.

The development of programs for kids of all levels is key to making the velodrome/cycling a success. Programs will be geared to all levels of cycling from teaching people to ride to competitive racing. Cycling has been used effectively to combat growing problems of child obesity and in innovative educational and mentoring programs.

The velodrome/cycling center will serve as a regional and national center to develop cycling. Regular meets and training sessions will give cyclists the opportunity to use world class facilities and will encourage the entry of new people into the sport.

Background and History
The name National Cycling Association has historical Interest and significance in cycling.

In the year 1900, the National Cycling Association was one of the original five founding members of the International Cycling Union (UCI), the world Governing Body of cycling.

NCA was the original Governing Body of professional track cycling in the United States and franchised most track cycling from when NCA was first incorporated in 1898 until the Professional Racing Organization of America (PRO) took over in 1968. PRO produced little activity and faded from the USA landscape until 1979 when, spearheaded by Jack Simes, it was reactivated and the name was changed to the United States Professional Cycling Federation (USPRO). Thereafter USPRO became affiliated to the International Cycling Union (UCI) as the exclusive franchise holding authority to govern U.S. professional cycling. In 1996 when USPRO merged with the United States Cycling Federation to form USA Cycling (USAC), the current GOB for cycling in the U. S.

NCA was incorporated by Jack Simes in April, 2011.

The reintroduction of 6-Day Bike Racing in American arenas will highlight international pro track cycling in an exciting crowd appealing format.