Leif Lampater and Marcel Kalz win 104th Berlin Six Day Race

About 73,500 spectators watched the Berlin Six Day as organizer Reiner Schnorfeil draws positive balance

Berlin, Germany

Lampater and Katz win Berlin Six Day

Winners Lampater and Kalz take a special lap of honor.

Berlin track racer Marcel Kalz and his partner Leif Lampater won the 104th edition of the Berlin Six Day race yesterday.

On the last day and last race winner 104 Germans Madison masters could defend its leading position and pointed with one lap in their toughest opponent, the Spanish world champion David Muntaner and the Belgian defending champion Kenny De Ketele, in second place. Third place went to the Danish Alex Rasmussen and Marc Hester, also one lap behind.

“In six great days we celebrated with our loyal fans and first-class racers a lavish cycling festival. The response of the audience is a clear commitment to Berlin Six Day race for us and a great compliment and motivation, “said organizer Reiner Schnorfeil.

“We are already looking forward to 2016 and 20 years Six Days in Berlin Cycling temple at Landsberger Allee. ”

About 73,500 spectators watched the six days of racing the various competitions at the Velodrome at Landsberger Allee.

Leif Lampater and Marcel Kalz had gone ahead in the final and decisive hunt with two rounds. In particular, the world champion duo Muntaner / De Ketele sat on the final day everything on one card, made from the start pressure and managed also to make up for a round. But Kalz / Lampater were always vigilant and let their rivals then no longer drive out of the box. Finally, on the last round they played it safe on number and tried their hand out of the field at. Already a lap to go could be sure of their victory and enjoyed cheering the final round Kalz / Lampater.

“Although we had a big lead, but we could not be sure. Therefore, we are the Final hunting addressed aggressively and moved from the front to control the race, “said Leif Lampater rejoiced. And Marcel Kalz added: “It’s incredible to have won before that Berlin audience that has supported us so every day.”

“In the last six days, we have seen great sport with a thrilling final. Whether or not shown at their best six-day driver, Women, sprinter or stayer, all have “pulled Dieter Stein, sports director of the Six-Day Race and National Association Coach of the Berlin Cycling Federation early Wednesday morning a positive conclusion. “In particular, I am pleased that we were able to integrate the new generation successfully into the main program.”

Eighth landed the two young Berliner rookie Sebastian Wotschke and Hans Pirius. “Sebastian and Hans are very young and have the future ahead of them. More than once they have flashed their great potential in front of their home crowd, “said Stone was satisfied with the performance of the two Berlin youngster.

The uprights wore on the last night in the “Esso World Cup Stayers” their Finals. European champion Mario Birrer secured with Helmut Baur overall victory ahead of Stefan Schäfer / peasant Peter and Robert Retschke / Holger Ehnert. This occurred prior to the finals were Retschke and shepherds on points on par in positions one and two, Birrer followed in third place. As Retschke with a vengeance trying to defend his leadership, he came from the roll and had nothing to do with the decision. This took Birrer and shepherds in order to take the lead and won the race among themselves. In the final sprint the team Birrer / Baur was a step ahead and brought with it the overall victory – on points before Shepherd, Retschke had a point behind.

In the sprinters Maximilian Levy could no longer take the overall victory and thus retaliated for his narrow defeat last year against Robert Förstemann, due to injury at this year’s edition of the Six-Day Race was unable to attend. Levy stressed from day one his ambitions for the overall victory, leaving his rivals no chance. In the final of the sympathetic Cottbus konntee collect 95 points, Erik Balzer follows with 89 points in second place. Third in the Czech Pavel Kelemen was already a large residue – he had 60 points in his account.

At the weekend, the competitions of women around the “‘ve not worry! Axel Lange Generali Insurance “Ladies Cup and the UIV Talents Cup” Sport against violence, “the six-day race for the U23 class, have been decided. Radamazone Malgozarta Wojtyra secured this year sovereign overall victory. After three days of competition in which they dominated most of the race, the Pole decided with ten points, placing the overall standings for themselves. The Norwegian Anita Yvonne Stenberg finished with 16 points ranked second, third was the Slovak Alzbeta Pavlendova. The best German drove junior Laura Sweet milk to fifth place.

In the U23 class, the favorite British Jonathan Dibben and Owain Doull left their rivals no chance. The pair, who led the general classification from the first day, continued his winning ride and went on to win with 164 points and one lap well ahead of its competitors. In the second place overall Belgians Matthias van Beethoven and Seal drove Ghys (-1/64). Third place went to Danish-Belgian pairing Frederik Björke-Schwartz / Killian Michiels (-2/53).

This year, the Six Days makers their guests enthusiastic again with a first class sports program and plenty of entertainment. Berlin’s new mayor Michael Müller opened together with Reiner Schnorfeil launched by the Six Days on Thursday. Among the celebrity guests at the six-day event included Berlin Sports Senator Frank Henkel, world boxing champion Artur Abraham along with legendary coach Uli Wegner, the two musicians Sascha Vollmer and Alec peoples of the band The BossHoss and television actor Wolfgang Winkler (including “Police”). The spectators saw exciting competitions and entertainment with lots of music and stunning pyrotechnics show, presented by Potsdamer fireworks. In the neighboring hall show the popular Berlin party band “Right Now” was rocking live music, and lured the young generation to the six-day race in the velodrome.

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