HCC Race Schedule to Revive Energy and Excitement of Six-Day Races

High speeds, dueling body blocks, and one hell of a spectacle will open the first half Six Day race in the United States since the 1940’s next week.


A 20-lap stampede, followed by sprints and a Madison will greet fans as the pro men’s event commences at the inaugural Hollywood Championship Cycling (HCC) event.


A similar schedule with all 15 teams is planned for three nights straight as racers duel it out for primacy on the banks of the Velo Sports Center velodrome, but on the last day, Sunday, there will be a ferocious final battle to determine who wins and who loses.


That will mean an hour-long Madison to take place at 10 PM on Sunday night, a grand finale to the three days of non-stop racing.


The 3-day event is sure to bring fans to their feet, and the action will start right off the bat as the pro riders battle it out mano a manoin the first Scratch Race starting at 7:30 PM on October 11. All 30 riders will be on the banks looking for the win in this stampede.


But before the pro men start, on opening day only a men’s category 4 and 5 sprint race will start out the evening. That will be followed by a women’s sprint at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA.


The sweat and the riders will be flinging in the opening five Sprints, with one rider from each of the 15 teams taking one sprint for every six laps.


“Because there are so many riders on the track they are going to be moving up and down the track in a long serpentine motion,” said Jack Simes III, producer HCC.


The sprints will flow directly into the all-team Madison that is expected to run about 20 minutes or 60 laps.


“There will be a lot of team tactics out there, it’s a colorful spectacle to watch,” said Simes.


The controversial Gibby “The Bear” Hatton, himself a double-world championship medalist will be bringing out his Sprint Stars at 8:40 PM, so they can strut their stuff with stunts to please the crowds.


“These guys are physically designed to put all their energy into speed, there is a lot of jostling for position, sometimes trying to move each other around the track, then all hell breaks loose over the 200 meters,” said Hatton.


The stars will be followed by a special musical performance by Argentine team racer Seba Donadio and his band—also track racers. Watch out ladies as this crooner spins his smooth tunes then climbs back on his bike to sweat out the turns!


Fans will have a chance to visit the inside court of the velodrome where they can buy tasty LA treats like real Mexican tacos, and sip margueritas, while a DJ spins tunes. A formal sit-down meal will also be available for those who want to watch, wine and dine all at the same time. During break time you will be able to get autographs from the pros in the infield as they mingle with the crowds.


“It will be a festive atmosphere, “ said Simes.


At 9:15 PM, racing will begin again in earnest, with a Team Flying Lap challenge for 7 out of the 15 teams: 8 teams will compete the following night, Saturday (Oct. 12,) and the third day, Sunday Oct. 13, the final top 5 teams from nights one and two will be competing.


Then Sprint Stars will take to the stage once again before the final big event of the night.


They will be followed by five sprints that run directly into a Madison that will last about 40 minutes or 60 laps. On the final day, the Madison will last 60 minutes, and is sure to drive fans into a frenzy as riders accumulate points in the sprints every 10 laps.


Another big change on Sunday night, Oct. 13, will be three Miss n Outs divided by number colors red or black, and a final top team competition, which will start at 7:30 PM.


The Flying Lap Challenge at 9:15 PM will include only the top 5 teams that won nights one and two. After a quick break with the sprinter stars and a musical interlude, the Madison finale will start with all 15 teams participating and it is expected to last about 40 minutes, or 120 laps.


Fans will be pounding the sideboards for this one, as the winners of this final event, combined with previous points, will go home with the crown.


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