All Teams Announced for Hollywood Championship Cycling and Tickets are Selling Fast

HCC_TeamsTickets are selling out fast for the three nights of the rebirth of the Six Day track race in the United States featuring world class pro riders from the United States, Europe, South America, and the West Indies.


Fans won’t want to miss any of the spills and thrills in three days of non-stop pedaling because all fifteen teams will be at the StubHub Center from Oct. 11 to 13, battling it hand to hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, till the bitter end.


On day one, there will be the one and only women’s race, including Triple National Track Champion Tela Crane. Then a men’s category 4 and 5 event will help start off the evening of the Hollywood Championship Cycling event.


You’ll definitely want to be at the Carson, CA. based Velodrome on opening night because the first men’s pro scratch race riders will be out of the gate like lightening in an attempt to shred the competition.


“It’s going to be fast from the gun, and I think the European teams are going to try and get laps pretty early and when everyone gets tired, they are going to try to get another lap as well,” said multiple USACRITS winner, 24-year-old Clay Murfet who will be riding for the Philadelphia Team.


On day three, three Miss N Out events will add flavor to the schedule, and the evening will end with a one hour, side-banging Madison.


In between all the hard-core racing, there will be singing by Team Argentina cyclist and singer Seba Donadio with accompaniment by Team Mexico’s Julian Beccaglia, as well as a light show, DJ-spun music, fine dining on the infield, and lots of good eats and drinks for one and all.


Nine American Teams 


There will be nine teams represented from the United States, the USA team, and the Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, San Diego, Philadelphia, California, Santa Monica, and last but definitely not least, the Detroit Team.


Reigning National Madison Champions Bobby Lea and Jackie Simes will be representing the USA Team. With his 2013 National Madison, Pursuit, and Omnium wins, and his 18 wins as Elite National Champion on the track, Bobby Lea is perhaps the one man everyone will be hoping to beat.


Four-time Elite National Champion, Jackie Simes has been honing his Euro-pro style at Six-Day events in Italy, Germany and Denmark.


But it’s definitely no slam-dunk: “You have a mix of the European teams who are just starting their winter season, [the first winter Six Day is in several weeks] and most of the domestic riders are winding down the season,” said Lea.


Lea and Simes will be joined on the track by the who’s who of track racing in the U.S., many of them having practiced their chops on the high-speed USACRITS, or the international Six Day racing circuit.


With more Michigan Track State championships than can be counted on one hand in 2012 alone, Martin Vecchio and National Madison Champ Iggy Silva will ride for the Detroit Team.


There will be four California teams unleashing their angst on the track, Team California, Team Orange County, Team Los Angeles, and Team Santa Monica.


America’s first winner of the European UIV 6-day Talents Cup, Guy East and his partner six-time National Champion Daniel Holloway will be repping Team California.


Holloway is totally psyched about the first Six-Day to come back to U.S. soil since the 1940’s: “My whole career has been about this,” he said. “Since I’ve been a junior rider I’ve wanted to race Six-Days [in the United States].”


Ten-time Elite Track National Champion Mike Friedman will be racing Team San Diego with his partner professional National Criterium Champion Ken Hanson.


Then many-time national track Champion Colby Pearce will pair up with National Pursuit champion Jake Duerhing to represent Orange County.


Ian Moir, two-time USA National Madison champion and Zachary Kovalcik, a tattoo and piercing-totting ex-messenger will be hitting the HCC track representing the home team of Los Angeles.


Coming off his July USACRITS first place triumph, Aussie Hilton Clarke and United Healthcare teammate Adrian Hegyvary will pedal into the velodrome representing Team Santa Monica.


Philadelphia and Las Vegas


Two more teams will represent one of the oldest races venues in the United States, Philadelphia, and one of the newest, Las Vegas.


Representing Team Philadelphia, will be under-25 Overall USA CRITS Series winner Shane Kline teaming up with Clay Murfet a multiple USACrits National level criterium winner.


Madison Cup Champion Eric Workowski and four national title holder Andrew Crater will ride as the Las Vegas Team.


The Europeans, South Americans, and West Indians


Of the 15 teams competing, there will be three European teams consisting of the Silver medal Olympian Marvelous Franco Marvulli and two-time World Madison Cup winner Marcel Barth forming the Euro Team; National Track champion Christian Grasmann and 2013 National Madison Champion Lief Lampater, who between them have raced over 100 Six Day races, and eight-time Austrian National Champion Andreas Graf and Denmark National Champion Jesper Mørkøv forming the Austrian/ Danish Team.


“I guarantee the racing will be fast,” commented Grasmann.


Comprising the teams from South of the border, will be, multiple Six-Day racer Barry Miller and National Track Champion Julian Beccaglia who will form Team Mexico, and World and Olympic champion, Walter Perez and his teammate Track National Champion, and “Cyclist Singer” Seba Donadio will form the Argentine Team.


“I think it’s going to be a really great field. There are some real legends that are coming over from Europe, and the who’s who of American riders, you almost never see them all on the same track, ever,” said Miller, 24.


Rounding out the teams from outside the United States will be the duo from Trinidad and Tobago, three-consecutive year National Champion in four track events, Varun Maharaj and his partner 11-time National Road champion, Emile Abraham.


Every second of this fun-filled, three-day bash will be chock full of nail-biting speeds, hijinks, and plenty of speculation. Who will be the final winners of the first half Six Day to be held in the United States since more than 6 decades ago?


Come join us to find out.

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