NCA Plans First New York 6 Day Race in 50 Years

The first 6 Day Bike in New York in 50 years will be the centerpiece for the demo cycling project being planned for the Kingsbridge Armory.

After a 50 year absence from New York, the NCA is committed to bring Six Day Bike Racing back. We are currently working on plans to hold a race at the Kingsbridge Armory as part of the Kingsbridge Velodrome Phase 1 demo project. Details about the demo project and 6 Day New York will be released as soon as they are finalized.

A temporary track will be built for the demo project. Temporary seating, heating, lighting and facilities will be trucked in. Besides bringing back 6 Day racing, youth programs will be established during the demo phase to demonstrate the benefits that a permanent velodrome will bring to the New York and the Bronx community.

Riders contacted about the possibility of a 6 Day in New York were enthusiastic. Top European 6 Day riders, Franco Marvulli and Leif Lampater were enthusiastic about participating,

6 Day Racing, which established itself in New York in the early 20th century remains popular in Europe. The NCA thinks the current 6 Day format which features serious competition in a festival atmosphere can be a huge success in the U.S.

Jack Simes, CEO of the National Cycling Association said Six Day Races are a great spectacle. There is an audience waiting. Jack describes the Six Days as serious athletic competition put on in a format that is part Broadway show, dinner,carnival and Mardi Gras.

Several 6 Day Riders in New york for the Harlem Criterium voiced excitement over the possibility of a New York 6 Day. See their videos below.